Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Busy Bee..

Hello to all ..
Even though i have been checking my blog , i haven't acutally made a post in a while so massive apologies for that . Life has seemed to do that annoying thing where you have about 2 million things to do in such a short time , makes me sad :(
I am currently doing work experience , which is the most painful thing to do if you ended up somewhere not very good , well that applies to me.. I have ended up working at my dads company which is the most boring place ever ! So i just spend most my day making tea and trying to avoid as much work as possible :D
Currently i am also failing to get somewhere with learning to drive , i have got an idea of a date to book my test but i still feel like i am not ready to be set free on the road on my own ! I already proved this by failing my theory the first time.. yes i am that much of a fail hah
However the biggest challenge in my life right now is to loose weight for my holiday to Jamaica in three weeks , this is a massive effort for someone like me who does appreciate food !
So if anyone has any weight loss tips bring them my way :D
Any who hope you are all well , feel free to vent back to me all the things keeping you busy at the moment that you rather wish didn't..
Much love Laura xx

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