Saturday, 30 April 2011

Super Summer Scrub !

225 ml Of Pure Heaven !!
Whilst doing the food shop with my dad in Tesco's as you do , I decided to go browse the section with all bath stuff etc . I had been looking for a new body scrub for summer since you don't want to being showing off uncared- for legs now do we .
 Anyway i picked up this body scrub , of course i smelt it straight away and OMG i went to scent heaven ! 
This smells exactly like creamy vanilla ice cream , so if you do not like the smell of vanilla i don't think this is for you. Now on to the actual Scrub i would give it an 8/10 there is little grainy bits as you would expect in a scrub , but there is not as many as I have seen in others. However the scent lasted on me for most of the day , plus it was only about £ 3.00 a pretty good bargain i think. 
It also come in a shower Gel , I 100% recommend this for a lovely summer scrub!
Much Love Laura xx
P.S Sorry for the lack of attention to this blog , its the dreaded A levels urgh !

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter !

Hey Pretty People ,
Happy Easter to all !!
What was once a day of targets that i would have to meet to be accepted in the eyes of my fellow childhood friends - Getting at least 15 eggs!
Is now a day where i aim to get the smallest amount of eggs possible , I'm pretty sure if i went to my friends today boasting i got a total of 12 eggs -one being an egg the size of my head , they may be reluctant to speak to me again haha
However my dad did manage to bring back a little bit of that Easter excitement with this Hello Kitty white chocolate egg , one of the best eggs i have ever seen- bar the one i received when i was about 10 from my Grandparents , no word of a lie it was as tall as me !
Any who , I hope you all have a great Easter with your family where ever you are , whatever your doing..
Much love Laura xx

Saturday, 23 April 2011

A New Beginnging...

Hey people , to begin with I might as well introduce myself . My name is Laura i am seventeen years of age and I am currently studying History , English literature and drama at A level. Okay that's the boring stuff over and done with. My main reason for starting this blog was to be able to share my love for fashion and beauty with those alike , I enjoy finding new products or starting my own ( as i would like to think ) fashion trends and sharing that with others , but there is only so many people close to you that you can bore to death with information which may not concern them haha, therefore i bringing that sorta stuff hear ! I also hope to use this blog to indulge you into my highly interesting life (sarcasm) , well what I mean is lets say I'm having ' one of those days ' which i think should be shared to give me a piece of mind or more simply i  think that it will humour you and trust me I am known to have many of those days. Right this is turning into an essay , not good , I hope you enjoy this blog as much as i will hopefully do making it :) I also have a YouTube the link is on the page , if you feel like you cant get enough of me haha, Much love Laura xx