Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter !

Hey Pretty People ,
Happy Easter to all !!
What was once a day of targets that i would have to meet to be accepted in the eyes of my fellow childhood friends - Getting at least 15 eggs!
Is now a day where i aim to get the smallest amount of eggs possible , I'm pretty sure if i went to my friends today boasting i got a total of 12 eggs -one being an egg the size of my head , they may be reluctant to speak to me again haha
However my dad did manage to bring back a little bit of that Easter excitement with this Hello Kitty white chocolate egg , one of the best eggs i have ever seen- bar the one i received when i was about 10 from my Grandparents , no word of a lie it was as tall as me !
Any who , I hope you all have a great Easter with your family where ever you are , whatever your doing..
Much love Laura xx


  1. That looks good! mmmm. White Chocolate :)