Saturday, 30 April 2011

Super Summer Scrub !

225 ml Of Pure Heaven !!
Whilst doing the food shop with my dad in Tesco's as you do , I decided to go browse the section with all bath stuff etc . I had been looking for a new body scrub for summer since you don't want to being showing off uncared- for legs now do we .
 Anyway i picked up this body scrub , of course i smelt it straight away and OMG i went to scent heaven ! 
This smells exactly like creamy vanilla ice cream , so if you do not like the smell of vanilla i don't think this is for you. Now on to the actual Scrub i would give it an 8/10 there is little grainy bits as you would expect in a scrub , but there is not as many as I have seen in others. However the scent lasted on me for most of the day , plus it was only about £ 3.00 a pretty good bargain i think. 
It also come in a shower Gel , I 100% recommend this for a lovely summer scrub!
Much Love Laura xx
P.S Sorry for the lack of attention to this blog , its the dreaded A levels urgh !

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