Monday, 9 May 2011

Happys Days Are Long Gone...

Hey Pretty People :D
Okay so the title of this post is abit drastic , but that is how i truely feel at this moment in time..
Yes its the dreaded A Levels i have my 3 main exams in like a week , therefore becasue i am one of those very stupid people who think it is okay to cram everything in last minuet, i eneded up doing the whole of the Russain Revolution in one weekend- trust me if i hear the word 'revolution' one more time i will explode !
Anyway , this is also the reason why i have been lacking on the Blog , So huge apologies !
But in 2 weeks it will all be over and i will be free again and hopfully happiness will return to me :)
If any of you are doing any form of exams feel free to reply your feelings , all i can say is failure is not an option people !
Hope you are all well, Much Love Laura xx

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  1. good luck with your exams :) I just did my as english lit exam today, I have a feeling it didn't go to well. Cannot wait for exams to be over xx